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BREAKTHROUGH NEGOTIATING™: The Ultimate Negotiation Skills Training Program

The In-House Seminar

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Breakthrough Negotiating ONLINE is debuting this October, 2016!  YES!!!

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Breakthrough Negotiating:  In-House Seminar

The Breakthrough Negotiating Seminar is our flagship, 2-day in-house training program.   We’ve trained over 20,000 business professionals in our 2-day in-house seminar and over 88% say it’s the “Best Training I’ve Ever Taken.” Featuring one-on-one and team-based negotiation case studies, participants compete, collaborate, and develop their negotiating skills in an incredibly fun team-building environment that they will never forget.  This results-driven training will have them negotiating better deals on behalf of your organization immediately.  You’ll quickly discover that this is a very high ROI training opportunity.

Who Should Attend?

Buyers • Sellers • Managers • Leaders • Contract Negotiators • Entrepreneurs • Legal Professionals • Healthcare Professionals • ANYONE Who Needs to Negotiate Their Best Deal on ANYTHING!

What Will We Learn?

How to Set Opening Demands and Offers • How to Define Your Targeted Outcomes • How to Establish Your Bottom Line • How to Make and Respond to Counter Offers • How to Manufacture Power Even When You Feel Powerless • How to Develop Influence Even Without Authority • How to Master Tension and Negotiate with Confidence in Any Situation • How to Know If and When Concessions are Necessary • Smart Guidelines for Giving In without Giving Up • How to Negotiate Deadlines • How to Succeed in Digital Negotiations • How to Build and Strengthen Relationships as You Negotiate • How to Negotiate with Integrity • How to Negotiate Beyond Impasse and Break Deadlocks  • Forget Win-Win, Strive for Gain-Gain • and more!

What Will We Get?

All Breakthrough Negotiating participants will receive:  Breakthrough Negotiating Workbook, signed copy of Breakthrough Negotiating by Kevin Greene, a Breakthrough Negotiating Certificate of Completion, access to the Breakthrough Negotiating Alumni Center for ongoing online training and reinforcement.

What is the Minimum Number of Attendees? 

The minimum group size is 12, but the average group size is 40 and we’ve presented Breakthrough Negotiating to groups as large as a few hundred.

Are There Discounts for Larger Groups?

Yes.  Pricing is determined on a per-attendee basis and discount tiers are available as your group gets larger.

Can the Seminar Content Be Customized?

Yes.  Prior to the seminar, we will interview key members of your team to clearly understand the types of negotiations they are involved in.  Then we’ll build that understanding into the seminar and tailor it to meet the specific needs of your audience.

What If We Can’t Do a Full 2-Day Seminar?

The vast majority of our seminars are delivered in the standard 2-day format however we have the ability to customize the format to meet the specific needs of your audience.  For example, if you have time restrictions and can’t do two consecutive days, we could do a 1-day seminar and deliver the remaining content online in a privately branded online learning center.  Or if you wanted to spread the learning out in bite-size modules, we could combine both online training and in-house classroom style training to deliver the course over 8-weeks.  If your learners are geographically dispursed and bringing them all together just isn’t practical, we could run a customized version of Breakthrough Negotiating just for your organization and deliver it entirely online.  We could even create an entirely customized version of Breakthrough Negotiating and make it available on-demand in a privately branded online learning center for your organization on a licensed basis.  We have the expertise and the technology to customize the right learning experience for your organization!

How Can We Get Started?

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Breakthrough Negotiating PRO

The sequel to Breakthrough Negotiating builds on the flagship program by focusing on negotiation planning and strategy.  Discover how to win the game before the negotiating game begins and how to succeed at the bargaining table when your not at the table at all.  Available to those who have completed Breakthrough Negotiating, Breakthrough Negotiating PRO will provide negotiators with a powerful visual planning model for negotiation preparation and negotiation team leadership.  This program is available online in an instant access format so you can get started right now.  Click on the button below to begin.

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High-Stakes Coaching

We provide detailed strategic coaching on over $1B worth of high-stakes negotiations annually. High-stakes negotiations are typically ones of high-dollar value or ones of strategic significance. Either way, high-stakes negotiations are ones you know you can’t afford to lose. Our high-stakes coaching sessions focus on specific upcoming negotiations. They begin with intensive research and analysis followed-by a one-day facilitated workshop. After the workshop reporting and ongoing support are provided. If your facing an important upcoming negotiation, ensure your success with our high-stakes coaching program!

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The 90-Minute Negotiator

The 90-Minute Negotiator was designed with the business traveler in mind.  Often too busy to properly prepare for an upcoming negotiation, many business professionals find themselves “winging” it in their negotiations.  The 90-Minute Negotiator provides some structure to that last-minute planning process that will dramatically improve your negotiating results.  The program has been optimized for mobile devices.  It’s the perfect companion on your flight towards your next big deal!

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Negotiating Assessment

How good are your negotiators?  Let’s find out.  Our interactive online Breakthrough Negotiating Skills Assessment allows us to test the strength of your negotiators by having them play a fun, interactive online negotiating game.  We can tell you who your best negotiators are, how much money your negotiators are probably leaving on the table every day without you even realizing it, how your negotiators compare to trained negotiators and more!  Discover the true strength of your negotiators today!

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Negotiating Strategies:  Your Partner in Negotiating Success!

With over 20,000 business professionals trained and over $1B in high-stakes coaching, Negotiating Strategies is your partner in negotiating success!